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Nashville, Tennessee...August 29, 2011...Legacy Learning Systems, the award-winning multimedia and new technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee, announced the launch of the highly anticipated on Tuesday, August 30, 2011. Following blockbuster results and rave reviews at this year's Summer NAMM, gives guitarists an entirely new approach to learning guitar. It combines the technology of video gaming and interactive player components with the use of your very own guitar, set to different skill levels. But make no mistake, "This Ain't No Video Game." Beginning players can now pick up their very own guitars and learn how to play with, all the while engaging in an on-screen environment that supplies a fast, easy, and fun instructional platform. is a video system that takes the guitar part of hit songs and breaks them into easy portions on multiple levels so that they are as painless and fun to learn as a video game. On the lowest level, the player only plays a portion of the guitar part, while plays the rest. The player gets to rock out with the entire song by playing only a few chords. As the player improves he moves up through the different levels playing gradually and increasing portions of the guitar part. By the time the player reaches the highest level, he is playing the entire song and ready for the stage! At a player can download the free trial song of the week or subscribe to the entire catalog. New songs are added weekly. There is no need to read music-a player just lines up his fingers as shown on the fretboards moving down the screen and strums any guitar as the fretboards drop into place. To view the trailer for Guitar Apprentice go here!

Guitar Apprentice

"Playing your guitar was never meant to be a video game," said Gabriel Smith, Founder and CEO of Legacy Learning Systems. "But now it's as easy and fun as if it were."

Some of the world's best known songs are included in Guitar which will feature such mega-hits as "Boom," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," "Shine," "You Really Got Me," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Taking Care of Business," "Get Back," "Hey Jude," "Can't Buy Me Love," "Independence Day," "Please Remember Me" and "Mountain Music."

The higher the level achieved throughout the experience, the more of each song a guitar player will play. The experience is focused on teaching guitar. is set to change the world of music lessons. It's the real thing targeting players who want to use real guitars and learn with an innovative, new approach. Players can participate and download at

Legacy Learning Systems is known for producing instructional multimedia training courses and apps with a mission to bring personal dreams and talents within reach, while maintaining a fun and exciting learning experience based on personal interaction, new technologies, steadfast techniques, and engaging instructors. They have created the award-winning Gibson App with over 2.5 million downloads and other Learn & Master series of creative instruction. For more information on Legacy Learning Systems, go to

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