guitar Apprentice vs. Traditional Lessons

If you've ever taken guitar lessons, they probably went something like this. Your instructor teaches you one or two chords, and then has you practice them for a week. You play those chords over and over before you're taught a few more. This is what you need to do to improve, of course, but it's not much fun.

But what if, instead, your instructor taught you those same couple of chords and then said, "Ok, Johnny. Instead of practicing those chords over and over by yourself, I'm going to bring my band out here and we're going to play hit songs you know. I'll play the majority of the guitar part, except for those chords I just taught you. You play those, and I'll play the rest." Now that's fun! You're still doing what you need to be doing (practicing those chords over and over), except that now you're doing it as part of a real song. Then, as you improve, your instructor can give you a few more chords, and then a few more, until eventually you're playing the entire guitar part.

That's what we do with Guitar Apprentice. When you start, you'll hear the entire song playing, including most of the guitar track, except for the chords that you play. Those will sound like a hole in the audio track, just as though the band's guitarist skipped those notes so you can play them. An animated fretboard will show you when to play your part and how. When you see a new chord coming, just hit pause so you can figure out the fingering.

Each song is broken down into 15 different levels and speeds. Always play the lowest and slowest level first. You'll notice the lowest levels even use simplified versions of the chords to make things easier, often requiring just two or three strings. But as you move up through the levels, you'll play more and more of the guitar part, and fuller and fuller chords, until you're playing the entire song.

You might be wondering, "How will I know if I've played it wrong?" The same way learning musicians have always known...because it will sound bad. Remember, this is not a video game. Get that out of your head right now. There will be no gaming system giving you points for hitting the right strings or telling you if you sound good. It's just you, playing your real guitar, either amped or acoustic, with Guitar Apprentice playing the parts you're not. These are hit songs you already know, so if you play it wrong, it'll sound bad. And when you play it right, you'll know that too. That is the way a musician learns, by playing and hearing.

The difference, of course, is that now it's a lot more fun. You can play to real hit songs, right from day one.

Game over. Play for real.

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