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Every week, we will be giving a free week of access to a new hit song for Guitar Apprentice, courtesy of!

You get all 15 levels of a new song every week.

Simply click on the button below and get the free code for this week's song. Then open your free Guitar Apprentice application and plug in the code! You'll be able to download and use that song for the entire week it's available!

And don't forget... next week, it'll be a new song!

The cost? $ hidden's really FREE!

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How to Get It!

Choose your hits! You pick only the songs you want to play, and pay for them one by one.

We have hits like "Hey Jude," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," and many, many more.

You can get all 15 levels of a single song for only $7.99.

You will own the song forever.

The Guitar Apprentice application is free and it will show you all the songs available right inside the player.

We add more songs every week, so you'll have more and more to choose from.

To browse for songs, simply...

Download the FREE Guitar Apprentice Application Here!

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How to Get It!

You get access to our entire catalog of Guitar Apprentice songs!

Every song has 15 levels and some have "super-slow-solo" levels and you get them all for one low monthly subscription price.

We add at least one song per week, so you won't run out of songs to learn.

Monthly access is only $14.99 and you can cancel at any time.

Songs like "Hot Blooded," "LaGrange," "More Than a Feeling" and "Independence Day" show you what caliber of hit you'll be learning.

No need to choose!

Get them all!

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