Gabriel Smith: Nashville Inventor

Guitar Apprentice is the brainchild of Gabriel Smith, a Nashville-based inventor and entrepreneur. Patents associated with Guitar Apprentice include:

U.S. Patent 8,119,896 Gabriel Smith, Nashville, TN Oct 12, 2010

U.S. Patent 8,481,838 Gabriel Smith, Nashville, TN Jan 17, 2012

U.S. Patent 8,586,849 Gabriel Smith, Nashville, TN Jul 19, 2012

Unlike guitar-based video games, Guitar Apprentice is a video system where users play a real guitar, but take visual cues from on-screen fret boards to inform them on what and when to play. Each song can be played in multiple levels and speeds. On the lowest levels, the player only contributes a small percentage of the song’s chords, while the audio-video track plays the remainder. As the player moves to progressively higher levels, he or she plays more and more of the chords, while the audio-video track plays fewer and fewer until, eventually, the player has learned to play the entire guitar part.

The inventor, Gabriel Smith of Nashville, Tennessee, says “learning to play guitar has never been easier… or more fun!”