Frequently Asked Questions


How does Guitar Apprentice know if I get my part wrong?
Only you and anyone listening will know that. Guitar Apprentice plays all but your parts. If you fill in the holes by playing what is indicated on the screen, it will sound right. If you miss your part, there will be a missing guitar part where you were supposed to play. If you play the wrong part, you’ll hear that it doesn’t fit the song.

Are there instructions on how to play?
Sure! Though the system is very intuitive, you may still want some guidance at first. Once you get the Guitar Apprentice DVD, watch the video entitled, "How to Play Guitar Apprentice" to see how to do it. You may also want to look at the tip video entitled, "Moving Between Levels."

How Do I Get Started?
Purchase a DVD and play on your TV through your DVD or Blu Ray player.